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June 14, 2013


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Figured I'd get rid of the wisdom tooth journal, since it's been a month. xD

I seriously loved everything they showed, and my brother and I are excited to go after some of the games like-
-The new Purr-fect Mario game
-Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies, now with more German rock stars
-Sonic Lost World
-Pikmin 3 finallyyy
-Smash Bros. with more serial killers and fitness experts
And we'll see what else!
What did you guys think?
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GimmeGeno Sep 27, 2013  Student Interface Designer
Out of all the games from E3, the game I'm most excited about is Smash Bros! I always check the website everyday to see if there is a new character. And I'm still hoping Geno will get in it. ;)
Mystical-Kaba Jul 6, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Awwwww Yeeeeaaaah, Nintendo's looking pretty solid this year, I can't wait. I've been burning moneys on 3DS games and now with the WiiU and stuff like *ahem* EARTHBOUND and a revamped Wind Waker...I think I'm gonna be broke by the end of the year. :iconthumbsupplz:

I finally broke down this week and bought Animal Crossing. Luigi's Mansion is looking oh-so-tempting as well.
lnsert-creative-name Jun 15, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm likin' what Nintendo has (especially Smash Bros., Sonic, and Pikmin). And am I the only one who's getting Super Mario Bros. 2 vibes from 3D World?
In other news, Sony's doing pretty well with KH3 and the PS4.
And Microsoft... Let's not go there.
FreakyNintendoGirl Jun 15, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
I'm still learning about game announcements (it's way easier then trying to fallow whats true and whats a rumor) But I'm so pumped Nintendo has a whole bunch of new games that I'm super excited for and your journal actually helped me with the new ace attorney game ^^ (I just got into the series so I'm super excited for the Dual Destinies :D I played the games out of order because I wanted to play Apollo Justice really bad lol)
(Oh dear I'm sorry for such a long comment I think I just fangirled all over your journal ^^; )
SakuraNights Jun 15, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Totally, totally agree. Not to mention Pokemon X and Y come out in October, as well as a bunch of other stuff that's gonna make my bank account cry XD This is a good year, a good year indeed.
Purr-fect? No no no, the perfect pun for this situation would be Mama-Meow.

Anyway, this was a pretty decent year for Nintendo: a new pokemon type got revealed (super effective to dragon!), a Smash bros. coming next year (am I the only who doesn't think the Villager is scary? Also Mega Man yes), and Mario Kart 8.

But personally I think Sony stole the show: Final Fantasy 15, Kingdom Hearts 3, AND a system starting price at $399? Yes, yes, and yes.
The new super smash bros. for 3Ds and legend of zelda, link between worlds were the only things that caught my eye to be honest. Although I was quite happy over the whole ps4 "how to share games on ps4" video. Sony flat out stuck it to Microsoft! (Chuckles)
I think the things that got me most excited were the new Poke'mon games (Now with FAIRY TYPE!) and the new characters released for Smash Bros. 4. Megaman and the Animal Crossing kid got me really excited, and the Wii Fit trainer is a new level of trolling. I laughed so hard, but I think she will actually be an alright character to play as.
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